Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And More Catch Up

August & September

In the Summer keeping cool is priority one.
This year, Caleb took matters into his own hands.
I'd found him on top of the bathroom counter a couple of times before this, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how he'd gotten up there! This time, I caught him in the act. He stood on the little stool the older kids use when they're brushing their teeth. This got him up high enough that if he stood on his tip toes and stretched, he could just reach the end of the faucet. Then using his very big baby hands and ridiculously strong grip (have I mentioned before that this kid is crazy strong?) he muscled himself up to his waist, swung his leg over and pulled himself the rest of the way up. Easy peasy. Seriously.

We also finished the boys' room

Which led to a little jungle exploration.
We took our traditional, hottest day of the year photo.
(The digital thermometer in the van topped out at 126 that day.)

And on Labor Day, we made a daytrip into the mountains of California to have some fun outdoors
that didn't involve a swimming pool!

(That's an acorn in Alaina's hand. She collected about fifty of them.)
Bye, Summer!

Catch Up

All right. Here we go!


We painted and switched the kids bedrooms.

We took a trip to visit family,
attend a Highschool reunion
and get out of the heat!
(Sadly, 105 in St. George felt GREAT to us!)

              We saw a parade.

We celebrated with family and fireworks.

We drove a lot.

    We spent some quality time with old friends.

Then we said good bye

 and drove a lot more.

A whole lot.

We drove so much that poor Caleb came out with his first sentence
about 10 hours into the drive home:
"Ya, I want out!"
The feeling was mutual, but we finally made it.