Monday, November 30, 2009

Anniversary of a Goodbye

The fateful night was dark and cold. A storm was on the way.

Our friends stood by, we laughed and cried and hurried on our

Chores to get all packed and scrubbed and boxed with bubble wrap.

A decade lived in one small house; you get a lot of

Memories, with dear, kind friends who’ve seen you through whatever.

Although just several hundred days, feels like it’s been

Four years ago, we hugged you all and bid a fond farewell.

We loaded up into the truck and headed off to

Arizona, land of sun, where palm trees dance and sway.

We love it here this time of year, but miss you every

Now and then, like on dark nights and days that end in “y”.

Farewell to Logan, once again. We’ll see you by and by.